• 京都小町酵素 化粧箱とスティック
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Every time you drink,Beauty is built within.
Inner Beauty is what makes us Beautiful and Healthy

  • Brand Name:
    Kyoto Komachi Enzyme Premium
  • Capacity:
  • Retail Price 
    6,380 yen(Include tax)

In Preparation

  • Details

    Beauty & Health boosting drink powered by extracts rich in fermented vegetables
    This drink contains 106 natural ingredients, all carefully selected from vegetables, fruits, wild grasses, grains, and seaweeds blended with brown sugar made in Okinawa, and fermented vegetable extracts fermented and matured by the “yeast of the Sake Brewery” inhabiting in the Brewery, and paired with well-selected beauty essences. The combination of daily skincare and this drink ensures a great care for beauty and health from both inside and outside the body.

  • How to use
    • As a guide, use a daily serving of 1 to 2 sachets, drink straight or mix with water.

    • The product can be also served with sparking water or unsweetened juice.

    • The aluminium stick packs are easy to carry and can be enjoyed anytime.

  • Ingredients

    Plant Fermentation Extracts,Modified Brown Sugar,Radish,Carrot,Cabbage,Burdock,Lotus,Turnip,Onion,Ginger,Japanese Ginger,Lily Root,Wasabi,Bean Sprout,Spinach,Shungiku (garland chrysanthemum),Iceberg Lettuce,Nalta Jute,Butterbur,Mizuna,Japanese Mustard Spinach,Korean lettuce,Bok Choy,Butterhead Lettuce,Mitsuba,Chinese Chive,Red Cabbage,Lollo rosso,Parsley,Chives,Young Green Onion Leaves,Celery,Cauliflower,Broccoli,Water Melon,Pineapple,Banana,Melon,Strawberry,Tangerine,Lemon,Plum,Loquat,Grape,Prune,Sudachi,Kabosu,Persimmon,Pair,Papaya,Mango,Yuzu,Edible Chrysanthemum,Bamboo Shoot,Taro Stem,Udo,Asparagus,Pumpkin,Cucumber,Oriental Pickling Melon,Eggplant,Tomato,Winter Melon,Goya,Garlic,Green Pepper,Bell Pepper,Zucchini,Okura,Potato,Sweet Potato,Taro,Shiitake,Maitake,Enokitake,Shimeji,Reishi Mushroom,Kelp,Seaweed,Hijiki,Green Laver,Mozuku,Sea Lettuce,Meristotheca papulosa,Ashitaba,Obako,Licorice,Dokudami,Goji,Horsetail,Turmeric,Matatabi,Loquat Leaf,Red Bean,Black Bean,Green Bean,Edamame,Brown Rice,Barley,Pearl Barley,Awa (foxtail millet),Kibi (egg millet),Hie (barn millet),Corn,Sesame Seed,Cashew Nuts,Almond),Oligosaccharide,Ceramide-containing Pineapple Fruit Extract,GABA,Camellia seed extract,Organic Chemical Free Matcha Powder,Hematococcus algae pigment (containing astaxanthin),Emulsifier (from soybeans),VB2,(Contains Bananas, Soy, Sesame, Cashews, Almonds)

  • Precautions
    • Check ingredients and avoid if you have food allergies.

    • If you experience any unusual symptoms, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

    • Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

  • Regarding KYOTOKOMACHI Enzyme

    “Yeast of the Sake Brewery” & a wisdom of brewing tradition using only natural product.
    "Kyoto Komachi Enzyme uses a fermented vegetable extract fermented from the yeast of the long-established Sake Brewery with nearly 200 years of history.
    In the old era where there were no air-conditioning available, rumors were that workers at this Sake Brewery have never gotten sick and were always in high spirit and motivated, even though they worked around the clock in freezing cold temperatures.
    The reason for this is that they were drinking the enzyme every day from the naturally fermented fruits and vegetables that were left after used for workers’ meal to improve their health. This is how fermented vegetable extracts began."