Feel Japan on your skin

Japanese cosmetics containing matcha and sakura extracts which represent the Beauty of Japan.

Kyoto Komachi Cosmetics was founded in 2011.

The products are made of natural raw materials such as the essences extracted from matcha and sakura, which inherit the beauty of Japan by adopting superior production technology. The cosmetics are developed through continuous improvement and upgrading of formulas after listening to the skin problems reported by tourists from various countries visiting Japan. This time, in the golden autumn of 2023, 12 years after the brand was born, Kyoto Komachi, with "deluxe formula", makes its products achieve a qualitative leap in terms ingredients, experience, aroma and etc.

History of Kyoto Komachi Cosmetics

  • 2010
    ·Japan Taiwado Co., Ltd. was established
  • 2011
    ·Kyoto Komachi Cosmetics started R&D
  • 2012
    ·Kyoto Komachi matcha series products launched into the market
  • 2013
    ·Kyoto Komachi Sakura series products, Hamamelis series products, and Sports Care series products launched into the market
    ·International business co.,Ltd. established as a sales company.
  • 2014
    ·Settled in Japan's largest duty-free shop (LAOX)
  • 2015
    ·Settled in Keio Department Store in Japan
    ·Settled in Don Quijote Store in Japan
  • 2016
    ·Settled in the National Cosmeceutical Store in Japan
    ·Matcha series cosmetics settled in the beauty salon of the high-end Hotel New Otani
  • 2017
    ·With more than 30 stores
    ·Settled in other stores and hotels i n Japan (Marui, Wakamatsu Hot Spring Resort, etc.)
  • 2018
    ·Sales exceeded 1 billion yen
    ·Settled in other cosmeceutical stores (Matsukiyo, Daikoku, etc.)
  • 2019
    ·Sale·s exceeded 1.6 billion yen
    ·Settled in cosmetics stores in Japan (AINZ&TLUPE, musée de peau, etc.)
  • 2020
    ·China Tmall overseas flagship store opened
    ·Settled in high-end department stores in Japan such as Mitsukoshi and Isetan Started cross-border e-commerce business
  • 2021
    ·Settled in various online platforms in China (JD.com, Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Weibo, etc.)
    ·Started sales on the Japanese Rakuten Ichiba website and opened the Rakuten online flagship store
  • Currently
    ·More than 20 domestic sales companies are cooperating with Kyoto Komachi brand
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