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Through aging, skin gradually loses its freshness and elasticity, starting to show signs of aging, such as wrinkles.

This is called “Aging Skin”.
“SAKURA” is a series of skincare products with a concept of “nourishing skin” focusing on the mechanism of “Aging Skin”.

“SAKURA” is formulated with luxurious beauty essence that nourishes skin, such as “Astaxanthin” which is a main component.
“SAKURA” protects skin from photoaging through focusing against oxidation, dryness and UV rays.

Every one of us is born with a certain type of skin.
To a certain degree, this type of skin you were born with determines how fast your skin ages. But, other external factors also influence the speed of aging greatly.
Only few minutes of exposure to UV rays can damage your skin. Long-term exposure to skin can cause dark spots, wrinkles and sagging.
Oxidative cells are generated by “ROS” (Reactive Oxygen Species), partially converted oxygen taken into body.
ROS oxidize cells when combined with lipids. When skin is oxidized, it damages cells, hardens collagen in the dermis (inner layer of skin), and loses the elasticity of skin, showing signs of aging.
After reaching 20 years of age at its peak, skin becomes more and more vulnerable to becoming dry. This is because NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) that keeps moisture in the skin cells decreases by age. When skin becomes dry, the surface of stratum corneum (outermost layers of skin) gets dry and peels off easily, creating spaces between the layers of skin. Through this space, the moisture in the epidermis (upper layer of skin) evaporates and thus fine lines and wrinkles are created.
The amount of collagen and elastin in dermis (inner layer of skin); the source of fresh and elastic skin, decreases over time.
The body’s ability to create skin cells also deteriorates and causes epidermis (upper layer of skin) to become thinner.



Sakura leaf extract has been attracting world’s attention for its ability to suppress saccharification, a main cause of aging. It stimulates the production of collagen and makes skin smooth and elastic. Sakura leaf extract also has a skin-lightening effect since it suppresses the activity of Tyrosinase, a probable cause of dark spots and freckles.

Sodium hyaluronate is highly permeable and preserves excellent amount of moisture, containing 6 liter per gram. It maintains smooth, elastic and well-moisturized skin.

Water-soluble collagen is a protein that produces skin elasticity, acting as a link between skin cells. It makes skin fresh, smooth and elastic.

Squalene is an unsaturated fatty acid purified from shark’s liver oil. It delivers oxygen in body, stimulates metabolism and makes your skin beautiful.

Royal jelly is a queen bee’s essence of life as queen bee grows 2 times and lives 4 times more than worker bees. It stimulates metabolism of skin tissue and prevents dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.