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Matcha Beauty is an organic skincare products focusing on
aging factors such as “dark spots”, and “dry skin”.

High purity Catechin derived from the Matcha extracts is effective in sterilizing and whitens skin by lightening dark spots. Wrinkles will be less noticeable through skin convergence and nourishes skin with moisturizing effect.

Among all the nutrient rich components in Matcha, Vitamins
and Saponins are the beneficial properties for beautiful skin.
Especially, abundantly contained “Catechins” and “Vitamin C” act effectively on Melanin, that is the primary cause of dark spots in the skin.

Dark spots are the light and dark brown color pigments called Melanin.
The shape is irregular and boundary is rather distinct. UV rays and hormones are commonly considered causes of Melanin.

When skin is exposed to UV rays, Melanocyte (Melanin producing cells) receives signals. In response, Melanocyte produces Melanin.
When Melanin is not removed well, it leaves pigmentation on skin and become dark spots.

Dry skin is a skin condition where oil glands become underactive, thus decreasing secretion of sebum (natural oil product), and thus losing moisture in the skin layer. Skin surface dries out, dead skin cells will be easily peeling off and may cause a dry-powder like appearances.
Aging and decline of female hormones reduce secretion of sebum.
When sebaceous glands, which functions to protect skin, become thinner due to dry skin, will be prone to external stimuli, and may cause irritation and rashes. Most of the time, skin will also lack elasticity.

When Melanin is decreased, dark spots will be lighter and also act as protection.
Reducing Melanin is a first priority since Melanin is produced by Melanocyte.
The best way to protect skin is to avoid UV rays as much as possible.

It is important to promote metabolism of old skin cells and remove Melanin.
Especially, Vitamin C and Vitamin D has an antioxidant effect. Increasing the natural ability of the skin by moisturizing and treating old skin cells by exfoliating face wash are also very essential.

“Matca” is made from grinding Tencha leaves using chausu (a tea millstone). Tencha is a type of green tea and it is used for tea ceremony.
Since the whole leaves are grinded into powder, ingredients are absorbed more effectively.
“Matcha Beauty” is blended with naturally grown Matcha powder.

Catechin, Vitamin C and β-Carotene in Matcha has a very
high antioxidant effect, especially, Epigallocatechin
Gallate (EGCg), the main component of Catechins,
is considered
more than 200 times effective than Vitamin E.

Catechin effectively eliminates UV rays and stress induced
ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species).
It is regarded an effective ingredient to
prevent aging skin with dark sports,
skin darkening and wrinkles.

There were more than 70 types
of polyphenol found in green tea.
Catechins are the most common components
that characterize green tea.

Moisture loss in the outer layers of
skin causes wrinkles, skin darkening, and sagging.

Beneficial nutrients such as Vitamin C,
β-Carotene, and Amino acids are
absorbed deeply into the skin,
leaving it toned and refreshed.
The skin becomes rejuvenated, firmer
and smoother, with full of moisture.

Matcha powder and extracts used in “Matcha Beauty,” are high quality Uji Matcha made and produced in Kyoto, Japan.
Especially we take most care for the botanical derived raw materials, selecting mostly from domestically grown ingredients, which we pay careful attention to how they are cultivated, including the condition of soil and climate.
Our products are completely safe as we use 100% organically grown Matcha leaves produced in Kyoto, Japan, and it is certified by ECOCERT as a cosmetic raw material.

Incorporated with ozone sterilization and deodorization system, we use latest equipment for testing and inspection. Our ozone incorporated hygiene control extends from ingredients to containers and packaging, from acceptance until finishing.

Ozone has strong oxidation ability next to fluoride, which is being utilized in sterilizing food-poisoning bacteria, and deodorizing odors of human body and waste. In this sterilization, ozone breaks bacteria’s cell wall (called bacteriolysis), thus the body won’t create resistant bacteria. In addition, ozone is an environmental friendly substance that can be found in nature such as in the ozone layer.

In order to secure consistency in quality of naturally derived skincare products, we are committed to a manual production process without having to depend on machines.
“Matcha Beauty” products maintain its high quality through controlling every stage of production process and quality inspection by qualified personnel.

Ms. M.B.
20s/ Sales

I thought the image “Matcha” is nice to skin so I tried the cream. With only small amount, it covered entire face without sticking to my face. I noticed that it keeps my face moisturized for a long time. I will be buying again to keep my face moisturized.

Ms. M.H.
30s/ Housewife

My skin is sensitive
and dry, so I always try to
choose a product that least affects my skin. I tried the product because I was curious of Catechins in the tea leaves. I am very much satisfied with the moisturizing effect. I will be more pleased if it works on my dark spots that’s been bothering me for a while.

Ms. J.I.
40s/ Esthetic Salon

I enjoy the smell of tea leaves every time I use this product. I like the smell a lot. Cleansing wash doesn’t leave the stiff feeling of the skin and I feel my skin is less affected. My skin is soft after using the lotion and I can feel that it absorbs deeply from inside.